• What if yourfield could talkto you likenever before?

    What if your
    field could talk
    to you like
    never before?


Our GoField solution gives cotton growers a better, smarter and cheaper irrigation management solution. We are building on our 15 years of experience monitoring cotton fields to fundamentally change the way growers optimise irrigation scheduling.


When you subscribe to our GoField service, not only do you see your real-time soil moisture profile (via installed probe), you also get powerful irrigation scheduling from our GoSat analytics platform. GoSat unlocks the real value of your probe with dynamic water use forecasting.


GoSat combines local weather data and forecasts with satellite imagery and powerful analytics using CSIRO created algorithms to forecast your crop water use on a day-by-day basis. It adjusts for the daily fluctuations in local weather and spatial variation in your field. Armed with this powerful but easy-to-understand insight, field-specific irrigation scheduling becomes a reality.


Every day that a cotton crop is under stress can cost a grower $100 per hectare. GoField gives you the tools to avoid that risk and apply just the right amount of water at just the right time, optimising your profit and performance. And the best bit? Through our investment in an extensive LoRaWAN network in most cotton valleys, we can connect sensors such as probes far more cost-effectively than ever before. There is just a simple seasonal fee with no lock-in contract and no need to commit capital to hardware.



GoField takes a range of sensor data and turns it into insights you can use every day to make decisions faster and more accurately


GoSat analyses and makes sense of the data from your field and transforms it into knowledge that you can use every day


Farmers don't need to invest in the hardware themselves and carry capital risk. Goanna Ag provides support, connectivity and data for one low fee

Step 1 - Measure

Step 1 - Measure
  • Soil moisture probes deployed to different microclimates in your environment
  • Real-time data on soil condition
  • Creates a reliable remote management system on your farm
  • Forecast crop water requirements over the next 10 days
  • Optimised water scheduling and irrigation process
  • Assess efficacy of irrigation after application

Step 2 - Analyse and Act

Every GoField service includes GoSat (otherwise known as the "brains") to analyse and make sense of the data from your field. This powerful platform relays accuracy around irrigation scheduling, satellite imagery and benchmarking functionality and yield forecasting. The GoApp, downloadable on smarphones, tablets and iPads, allows you to access your secure and reliable data at your convenience.

Step 2 - Analyse and Act
  • Measures current water use and estimates the coming 10 day requirements of each individual paddock
  • Data accessible on all types of devices - computers, web browser, mobile phones and the Goanna Ag app
  • Removes complexity around reading data and information
  • Provides satellite imagery and benchmarking functionality, with yield forecasting to come
  • Helps determine optimal irrigation scheduling